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Just Walking for fun

Walking is free and the Kershaw Gardens in Rockhampton provides a variety of interesting walks. Walkways are clearly marked; while some are paved others are sealed or just a plain scrub track. There is no night time lighting. Spring is a good time to see the different Australian flowering trees and shrubs.

Wear a hat, 15+ sunscreen, take a water bottle and make sure your dog is on a leash.

The round trip on the sealed track is approx 3.7Kilometers

"Take a walk in the park", "Just Walk It" and "10,000 Steps" all provide incentives for walking. I'm sure you'll enjoy the Kershaw Gardens and enjoy your walk at the same time

For more information on Just Walk It contact the Rockhampton City Council on phone 4936 8254
for your nearest walk organiser or contact the Heart Foundation and for more information on 10,000 Steps

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