"In Honour of all who served in Vietnam"

Opened by Councillor Rose Swadling on Vietnam Veterans Day 18th August 1999

The Kershaw Gardens Vietnam Memorial concept was brought together by fellow Vietnam Veterans, Ron Robertson Ex 8 RAR, Paul Muscat Ex 161 Indep Recce Flt, Barry Gill Ex 110 Sig Sqn and Nick Quigley OAM Ex 104 Sig Sqn.  With the assistance of Councillor Rose Swadling OAM and the Rockhampton Regional Council Gardens and Recreation staff.

The Kershaw Gardens Vietnam Memorial is accessed from Welch St and then Fraser Street near the Glenmore Railway Crossing UBD Map Telstra White Pages Rockhampton Ref P/Q 12/13.  To the right of the entrance gate, a flag pole and the plaque.  The setting provides a shaded area for passers by to rest and reflect on the years that Australia was involved in the Vietnam War.  A wood fired barbecue to cook lunch and a sandstone hut provides shelter from the rain.  Ample seating is provided and some benches identify the area of the memorial.  
General access off the main North / South Hwy at the Knight Street lights, UBD Map Telstra White Pages Rockhampton Ref  O 11/12, with a newly completed carpark.   With easy walking access to the windmill and the herb garden and a many paths to other interesting parts of the Gardens.  The Gardens are also accessed from Charles Street off Musgrave Street, Ref Q 10/11 and into the Gardens parking area on the Hwy side of Moores Creek
KERSHAW GARDENS VIETNAM MEMORIAL At 10:30am 17th August a Sterculia Quadrifda rainforest peanut tree was planted at the Kershaw Botanical Gardens Vietnam Memorial. With assistance from the Rockhampton Regional Council Parks & Gardens Staff a hole was dug and tree selected and placed in possition by Robert Busch a National Serviceman Ex 1 Field Regiment Vietnam 1966-67 and Councillor Rose Swadling OAM who has been a supporter of Veteran activities for many years.
Photo Left to right - Rose Swadling OAM, Elizabeth Edgar, Robert Busch and Paul Baker. The two flags represent Private Kevin Prior and Private James Cox who were killed in Vietnam and who had originally come from Rockhampton.
Enlarge Each year on the anniversary of Vietnam Veterans Day 18th August and on the 25th April trees are planted in memory of fallen comrades

2008 Acacia Chisolmii planted at the Memorial remembering three new Veterans who died recently

Jason Paul Marks 4 RAR CMDO
Anthony George Jones HMAS Hobart
Thomas Cook 6 RAR

In this photo the two flags represent Private Kevin Prior and Private Jim Cox who were killed in Vietnam and came from the Rockhampton area, and left to right, Vietnam Veterans - Phil Aplin, Nick Quigley OAM, Neil Brewer, Tom Platts, Robert Busch, Gardner Paul Baker and Acting Mayor Rose Swadling OAM